Story of Jaspal Panwar aka Jassi till he became Jas Panwar

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Jas Panwar is pure gold, scorched by constant struggles on his own strength. Today the whole story of Panwar has been successful in achieving that point where good could not reach. He has settled himself, but with his continuous efforts, he is improving the lives of hundreds of artists. The story of Jaspal Panwar aka Jassi, who proved his mettle on the silver screen in Narendra Singh Negi’s famous song “Bhalu Lagdu Bhanuli” in the early stages, was never so easy, even till he turned the utensils in the hotel. When they came, they kept wandering from door to door for jobs. But this stubborn young man, who did not give up, still had a long flight to go. This multi-talented artist tried his hand in every field and he was successful too. Be it starting and running an entertainment company successfully without any experience and family background, singing super hit songs without any formal training or winning the hearts of millions of viewers with your best acting. When we talked to him, he shared the real meaning of his whole life with us in a very simple way.
Jas Panwar Family

Jas Panwar was born on 10th August 1985 in his ancestral village Barmavari Bhiri Chandrapuri (a beautiful village situated a few kilometers ahead of Agastyamuni town on Kedarnath road) in the house of father Mr. Makar Singh Panwar and mother Mrs. Godambri Devi, as his three sisters. is the only brother of The financial condition of the family was very weak, but since childhood, the parents gave their whole lives in the education and upbringing of the talented child, that is why even today they get emotional even after remembering their old days. He says that his parents never let his dreams get weak and kept supporting him psychologically at every step. Due to which he does not feel alone even today. Today, apart from being a wonderful person, he is also a perfect husband and father of a promising child. His wife, Mrs. Anju Panwar, is a very simple-minded religious woman, who supports her husband at every step, and is also a skilled housewife and mother of a promising child.

Jas Panwar Educational Qualification (Education)

He completed his studies from the school in his village and later due to the unsuitable home conditions for further studies, he decided to graduate from the Open University.

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Jas Panwar Profession (Business)

And together decided to do some jobs to support the family. Then in search of a job, wandered here and there and did some small jobs, but it is said that when destiny accepts something else, then the paths are made automatically, but the feet of those who walk on them should be firmly on the ground. . Remember that at any stage of success, Jas always remembered this lesson of his father not to leave the ground and he decided to start his own entertainment company, this is what starts the whole story of Jaspal Panwar becoming Jas Panwar . Today, Jas Panwar is a well-versed businessman, a director, a film producer, an accomplished actor, and a great singer as well.

Initial Difficulties

Jass tells that when he decided to start his own entertainment company, due to lack of initial amount, he told his idea to some people and gave him open offer to become the partner of his dreams, then people made fun of his words and made fun of him. Not only this, when he started working, he was a fraud, a fraudster of number two and did not know what was said, explaining his dreams to others and including them in those dreams was his big mistake. He understood this mistake after a long time and he decided to wash the burden of his dreams himself and decided that even if he has to sleep hungry, but now I will not stop and neither will I give up on anyone’s talk or tone. Just this decision of his has brought him here today, and he believes that this is just the beginning, 90% of it is yet to climb.

They believe that you impose your dreams on someone else and they should believe it, it was a big mistake to think that people always follow the rich, but even the rich people made today must have started like this at some point and They might have faced more difficulties at that time. People do not understand this that is why most of the people are followers and day dreamers. If you want to make your dreams come true, then you have to be focused and also avoid distracting your attention from things here and there.

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