Stephen Hawking’s Ex-Wife And Nurse- Elaine Mason

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta

Who is Elaine Mason?

Elaine Mason was a British nurse. She became popular when she married renowned physicist Stephen Hawking.  Elaine was born on 20 August 1971 (Present Age: 70 years old). She had started her career by working at an orphanage in Bangladesh.

Physical Attributes

Height   5”5/ 165cms
Weight 60kgs
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Red

How did Stephen and Elaine Meet?

David Mason was an engineer who was collaborating with Stephen on developing a speech synthesizer. Elaine was the wife of David. The couple had two sons together. In 1980, Elaine took the job as Stephen’s nurse and caregiver. At that time, he was married to Jane Beryl Wilde. During that time, Elaine became Stephen’s primary caregiver. Over time both of them grew closer to each other.

Hawking’s marriage with Jane was deteriorating.  Jane used to feel drained looking after their children and her disabled partner. In 1977, she had gone to the choir with her daughter. In the eyes of the choirmaster named Jonathan Hellyer Jones, she had seen a similar kind of loneliness. They both shared a relationship. However, to utter surprise, Stephen accepted Jonathan into his home as long as it did not affect their family life. Moreover, it became clear that Stephen and Elaine had romantic feelings for each other.

According to friends and family, Elaine was really protective of Stephen.  In 1990, Hawking left his family home. In 1995, he divorced Jane. A few months later, he married his caregiver Elaine Mason in the month of September in Cambridge.

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In 1997, Jane married Jonathan Hellyer Jones.

Why Elaine and Stephen did have a divorce?

After being together for 11 years, Stephen and Elaine filed for a divorce. In 2007, they got divorced. However, the reason for their split had not been clarified. Rumors had been rife that Stephen Hawking had cheated on Elaine with one of his caregivers. However, these rumors had been denied by Stephen’s secretary, Judith.

During the 11 years of marriage, Elaine had been accused of ‘physically and emotionally’ abusing Stephen. People close to the couple claimed Elaine’s behavior as ‘Controlling and Manipulative”. She was even accused of ‘bullying’ Stephen. In the year 2000, Stephen had gone to the hospital with multiple cuts and bruises. Authorities say that he could not explain how he had them. Following the allegations, she was thoroughly investigated by the police. But, there wasn’t any evidence of the same. Therefore, Elaine was not charged of any crime.

Throughout his marriage, Stephen Hawking had publicly denied any such claims on Elaine.

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