Star Trek Discovery Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything You know


Though season three just wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, Star Trek: Discovery is already in its third month of production on season four. We’ve been getting some tips as to what’s coming next and now the co-showrunner is teasing out some more information, including an intriguing detail about next year’s big bad.

Star Trek: Discovery co-showrunners Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise, along with celebrity Sonequa Martin-Green, engaged in an internet panel with Deadline, primarily about year three of Discovery, however, there was a brief talk about year four as the occasion wrapped up. As always, Kurtzman was cautious about what he said, but he did offer some fresh tidbits:

Kurtzman admitted he was “trying to be cryptic,” so it is not clear if the deep dive into science has been associated with this kind of villain. Season one’s villains were the Klingons, but season two’s turned out to be an AI (Control) that also manifested in everything seemed to be living entities, like Leland. That makes it likely Kurtzman isn’t talking about a technological villain.

It has been shown that a “large part” of season four will probably be about Captain Michael Burnham and the USS Discovery bringing fresh civilizations into the reborn 32nd-century Federation. In the Deadline conversation, Kurtzman expanded on this, talking about what kind of challenges they will face with this mission:

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