Star Trek Discovery Season 4: Has new villains, Who are the reapers ?


What group of villains can be so worrisome that Maggie ( Lauren Cohan ) is absolutely clear that living with Negan ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ) is not the biggest of her problems? Well, apparently one that the AMC series refers to as ‘Reapers’ -translated into Spanish as reapers-, a disturbing enemy that has tormented the former leader of Hilltop in the past and that, according to the episode with which it reveals the tenth season returns ‘Home, sweet home’ (10×17), it has also followed her on her return home.

After helping her friends win their last battle against the Whisperers, the return of the tenth installment of The Walking Dead shed some light on the past of the young survivor, who years ago had left Hilltop behind to join Georgie. on her tour to prepare communities for the new “world order” and that, according to her own explanation to Daryl, she had decided to stay and live in one of them. On the run since the chosen site fell for reasons she is not yet ready to remember, Maggie and her son Hershel do not arrive alone in Alexandria, but are accompanied by Cole ( James Devoti ) and Elijah ( Okea Eme-Akwari ), and a few survivors of the attack on the village in which they lived.

However, neither Maggie nor her companions are still safe back in their old home, since, as we saw in the episode aired last night, that enemy for now invisible but very dangerous has followed them home. They find out when they discover the smoking corpses of their friends, Jen and Billy, and they know it was them: the people who razed their village. With Hershel gone, he begins a quest against time for which the group parts ways. While trying to find Hershel’s whereabouts, a hidden sniper begins to shoot the rest of the members of Maggie’s group one by one until they are the ones who manage to reduce him.
Silently when Maggie demands to know his motivations, the stranger directs a strange phrase – “The Pope marked you” – before pulling a grenade ring and it explodes in front of them.

We know little about the ‘Reapers’ or ‘Reapers’, but Angela Kang, ‘showrunner’ of the series, spoke of them in statements to the program aired after the episode, Talking Dead :

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“This attacker that they found in the forest we know is part of what Maggie has been doing in the past and up to this moment. There are many clues as to who this person is, even if it is mysterious and does not say much. But clearly, it has a high level from training, he’s an excellent fighter and he’s the guy in the woods who kills several people. He puts Maggie and Daryl, who are two of our strongest characters, in trouble in a really dangerous situation. ”

Neither the aforementioned Pope nor the group that Maggie flees from has a counterpart in the comics, but the executive producer of the series Denise Huth assures that the questions will be answered in future episodes of The Walking Dead: what he was able to physically do as one man is when he really starts talking and says, ‘The Pope marked you.’ And Maggie doesn’t know what that means, we don’t know what that means, but it’s really creepy, “says Huth.

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