Standup comedian Ashab Ahmad Ansari winning hearts with his jokes

Seema Rai
Seema Rai
Standup comedian Ashab Ahmad Ansari

Ashab Ahmad Ansari is a stand-up comedian from Uttar Pradesh. He is an eccentric performer who had a way of making people laugh. Desperate for laughs, he first began his comedy career through advice from his listeners. Fortunately, things have improved since then. He draws his content from everyday situations and emphasizes the unexpected with apparent observations.

His jokes, combined with the energy that runs through his acts like a wave, make him a crowd favorite. His comedy ranges from Sarkari school to coaching classes, unemployment to everyday social encounters, crowd works to creativity. Ashab began his stand-up comedy career in the year 2020. He had previously performed open-mic stand-up comedy shows in cities such as Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Nagpur, and others. Lockdown was a golden opportunity for him, giving him a better perspective on his life and career. It allowed him to define himself instead of concealing himself through the toxic chains of societal acceptance.

Ashab Ahmad Ansari
Ashab Ahmad Ansari

Aside from his comedic abilities, he is a former B. Tech student, a district topper, and has appeared for the UPSC. But life had bigger and brighter plans for him, and he ended up becoming a ravishing comedian. His first open mic show was a sensation, and despite feeling nervous and speechless at first, he gave it his all and emerged as a shining star.

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The main responsibilities of a stand-up comedian are to create their own material for their performances, rehearse extensively, and perform in front of an audience—all of which Ashab is well aware of. He learned everything on his own, including how to grow, edit, manage channels, and engage viewers.

Ashab says,” Life is only as serious as you make it, so maybe it’s time to lighten up with a few jokes in between.” Understanding human psychology, understanding what the audience wants to hear (while keeping human ethics in mind), and relevance are the top notches for him for content to be a success. His future plans include expanding his current YouTube channels as well as writing a novel.

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