STAFFURS becomes Mumbai’s most affordable domestic staff hiring company, growing user base at a great speed

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

When you get a cab ride on the phone, groceries are shopped and delivered on the phone, and Kids are schooling on the phone, why do you need to wait and struggle for days to hire a maid?

Staffurs is a digital aggregator platform that connects the hirer (Mumbai household) with the seeker (Housemaid, baby sitter, cook, elderly care staff, patient care and drivers) thus, empowering both sides. The best part is that they ensure safe hiring through their background verification services.

Now log on to, you will be surprised to see many candidates of your choice on the portal. You can directly interview them and hire them if they meet your needs. How cool is that? Staffurs is creating new lifestyle trends in online domestic staff hiring (Housemaid, baby sitter, cook, elderly care staff, patient care and drivers), making it as simple and convenient as online shopping.

Staffurs is the only affordable maid service in Mumbai, with their most competent plan curated to delight households and make their lives easy when hiring domestic staff. With a very nominal portal fee, you get to unlock 15-20 candidates in minutes in just a couple of clicks. Isn’t it Just WOW! Imagine how you feel being in a lurch when your maid leaves out of conflict, and you have a busy week! Now you are left with a few choices: double hat, compromise, or wait for a new one to join from your network or the security guards network. Easily 10-15 days are wasted to find a replacement. Now let’s look at the optimistic scenario with Staffurs, the maid leaves, you get hooked to  and ta da da. You have interviewed 20 candidates in your area in just a couple of hours, and the candidate joins the next day..While you have hired one, the icing on the cake is that you have a personal network of 10-50 candidates for future needs too.. Now that’s called an intelligent revolution. We are sure you will never ever go to your security guard for maid reference.

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Staffurs has addressed the pain of all households in a busy city like MUMBAI and has an ambitious plan to be a household name of urban India when it comes to Domestic staffing.

We see Staffurs as one stop solution for all the domestic staff hiring needs. We are rightly positioned to leverage the digital revolution and aim at becoming a household name in the top 20 cities as we advance. We feel delighted to share that we can generate livelihood opportunities for the under-privileged community. As the professionals get their best helping hand at home, especially the women who have to sacrifice their careers in the name of household responsibilities, we believe we will be one of the critical enablers to increasing the no of women workforce, which has a reducing trend in India post covid.

In the future, we aim to partner with institutions like NSDC and other NGOs working in the livelihood generation industry to enable training and create livelihood opportunities for the underprivileged sector. – Ruchi Joshi-Founder Director Staffurs

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