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Interviewer PR
Souvik Roy

Souvik Roy is the founder of Digihap, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, start-ups, solopreneurship, and finance e-learning platform. He is a Digital Marketer by profession, as well as an author, motivational speaker, sales mentor, digital marketing coach, consultant, content creator, and many other things. He is a multidimensional personality in his early twenties. He has launched various courses that include Instagram Reels Mastery Course, the Complete Digital Marketing Course with Certifications, and 100% Placement Assistance.

We live in a digital age, and with so much digitalization taking place all around us, it’s past time for both organizations and end-users to embrace digital reforms as soon as possible. We are in a time when all businesses, big and small, must take advantage of cutting-edge digital platforms to achieve maximum success. Businesses are rushing to embrace the digital revolution in order to stay competitive in the current era, with the overarching trend of the Digital World dominating the globe. With his unique abilities and knowledge of the newest digital trends and technology, Souvik Roy, one of India’s leading young digital entrepreneurs, set out on a quest to take businesses to the next level.

At the age of 16, Souvik had earned years of experience in digital marketing and social media, serving a large clientele all over the world. As a result, he is qualified as an author, and he has written books on digital marketing and entrepreneurship. He leads several workshops, and his company, Digihap, provides Digital Marketing coaching and consulting to thousands of aspirants, transforming them into experts in the fields of Digital Marketing, entrepreneurship, and finance, and propelling them higher in their careers by helping them achieve their goal of becoming an expert in their field through digital skills. His vast expertise and talents in Digital Marketing set him apart from the competition.

Businesses are struggling to attract their target customers in today’s competitive, increasingly complex digital environment, and this is where the need to market yourself effectively to get more leads and customers comes into play, and Souvik is known to be in the tribe; he’s been a digital marketing consultant and coach for many years, helping aspiring digital marketers, start-ups, and established businesses better reach their customers and close more sales

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Achievements – Souvik Roy

  • 6 figures International Business Coach
  • Conducted 50+ sessions in different niches
  • Worked with 15+ top brands globally
  • Trained over 20000+ Students and Professionals and Helped them to Start their Digital businesses and Generate Revenue.

If you’re having trouble reaching your target market and hitting your revenue targets, it’s time to put on multiple hats in order to grow and sustain your business with the best and leading digital marketing expert and a coach Souvik Roy, who can help you reach your goals strategically from start to finish. Souvik is offering free digital marketing courses as part of his mission to reach out to people, particularly students, and show them how it can be a business with a lot of potential in India in the next years. He incorporates innovative skills and the latest digital trends and technology with the mission to take businesses to the next level.

 So, what’s stopping you? Learn more and enroll now. 

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