Sorry Bhaisaab (2021): Why Sharib Hashmi and Gauahar Khan’s Short Film is a Must-Watch

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta

Sorry Bhaisaab is a 2021 short film released on Amazon Mini Tv. This film was released on 16th December 2021. The story of this short film revolves around a car. It is a heartwarming and hilarious tale that will surely refresh your mind. Mind you, it has a very relatable and funny storyline. A middle-class family of 3 finalizes the decision of buying a new car after their old car gets stolen. However, in a twist and turn of events, they find their way back to their old car. Directed by Suman Adhikary and Sumit Ghildayal, this film offers a much-needed break from the larger-than-life movies that have become mainstream.

The role of Gupta Ji is played by Sharib Hashmi whereas Mrs. Gupta is portrayed by Gauahar Khan. They have a young daughter named Khanica. Mr. and Mrs. Gupta is just another door middle-class couple with aspirations that will hit home for the many. Their life is ordinary and familiar. However, they enjoy their share of joys with morning walks, kitty parties, the joy of flaunting in front of neighbors, and even, going to watch ‘Bhai’s’ movie in the theatre. In 20-something minutes, the film captures the attention of the audience with its attention to detail and showcases the absurdities of everyday life.

Watch the official trailer of Sorry Bhaisaab by clicking on this link:

Reasons to Watch Sorry Bhaisaab

Here is why you should watch Sorry Bhaisaab now:

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  1.  Middle-Class Couple Banter: Gauahar Khan and Sharib Hashmi as Mr. and Mrs. Gupta are very funny and entertaining as the bickering middle-class couple. The struggles and situation they face is something that keeps you hooked till the end. Mr. and Mrs. Gupta hit the right spot between amusement and agony.
  2. Crisp Storyline: The writers have presented this short story in a convincing manner. An entertaining story with a twist, in the end, is Sorry Bhaisaab is a crisp story.
  3. Family-friendly Entertainment: Mostly everyone will be able to relate to this film You can definitely watch this with your loved ones over popcorn and chai. The heartfelt performances and funny dialogues, this short film is an entertainment-packed family drama.
  4. Humourous Ride: This 20-minute film is tender and fun. It will leave you feeling satisfied and content.


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