Some Helpful Tips To Learn From Harshika’s inspiring weight loss story

Sugandh chetry
Sugandh chetry

Harshika Kapoor has always been a bit overweight ever since she was in her school. All this had an effect on her self-esteem levels. When she was at the age of 18, she began weighing upwards of 90 kilos already. She has always been body-shamed and all her friends thought she visibly looked different from her peers. That made her take up the challenge to do what she can to lose weight. Now at this point not only is she 40 kilos down but has amazing self-esteem and a healthy outlook towards life.

Harshika said that she has been overweight for the most part of her childhood time, ever since my younger days she said. To tell the truth, she weighed a whopping 90 kilos when she had finished Class XII. She said she saw herself going obese but was unable to do anything, nothing was of much help. But the mere realization definitely changed her. That’s when she took it as a challenge to start working on herself and do whatever possible to get fitter, no matter how long it would have taken for her to achieve all this because losing weight is not an easy task.

Meals diet followed

  • Harshika said that her breakfast followed: specifically 2 slices of bread with healthy peanut butter/ Oatmeal bowl.
  • Then at the time for lunch, she had: only 1 glass of karela (bitter gourd) juice along with a bowl of any dal/ curry with a plate full of salad.
  • Her dinner incorporated: One bowl of Corn salad with 2 slices of brown bread and with some form of green vegetables.
  • For a pre-workout meal she had: Only 1 glass of milk.
  • For the post-workout meal: 2 eggs and 50grams of cottage cheese.
  • She said that she indulged, what we eat on our cheat day: Something like a pizza or a burger, but she tried to keep her cheat meals to the bare minimum.
  • Low-calorie recipes that she swears by Steel cuts oats are completely healthy and they taste divine.
    Workouts she followed

When she first started her weight loss journey, Harshika used to go for walks on uphill areas and brisk walks for 10-11 kilometers every day. Then, later she took it further and in 2020, she enrolled herself in a gym. There she exercised for fat burning and toning exercises to lose weight. She did 7 sets of burpees, 25 pushups, 5 side planks plus weight training done every day.

The weight loss journey can never be said to be complete without the right balance of diet and workouts. You obviously need to cut out carbs, but also at the same time work to target fat cells in the body. Incorporating all sorts of exercises that strengthen your muscles to maintain your weight.

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Harshika’s motivation

Harshika said that “I have very big dreams and I aspire to see myself fit and different from my old self. These dreams are what keep me motivated to keep working on me and not give up, any time no matter how hard the journey is”.

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