Snowpiercer Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Snowpiercer Season 1 made its debut on May 25 and already has fans waiting eagerly for Season 2. Well, there are good news! Snowpiercer has been renewed for another season and its production has almost been completed. The pandemic shut production of shows, hence the filming of 2 episodes is remaining. Hence Season 2 is already in production but there has been no release date as of yet.

Plot Of Snowpiercer

Seven years after the world ended, the last remaining humans are on-board the train Snowpiercer, constructed by a mysterious Mr. Wilford. The train is rigidly separated by class, with passengers caught up in a revolutionary struggle against the strictly imposed social hierarchy and unbalanced allocation of limited resources. The show questions class warfare, social injustice, and the politics of survival.

Season 2 is expected to pick off from where Season 1 ended. After the successful revolution which results in Melanie transferring the control of Snowpiercer to Layton who wants democracy on the train.

Then there is the twist of Big Alice. A supply train that mysteriously has other survivors. One of the survivors is Melanie’s daughter, Alexandra. The new season will show how Layton’s thought of democracy and the introduction of Big Alice will fair. Also, Mr. Wilford, considered a myth, until now will appear.

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Who All Features In The Season 2?

  • Mickey Sumner as Bess Francis Till
  • Alison Wright as Ruth Wardell
  • Iddo Goldberg as Bennett Knox
  • Susan Park as Jinju Seong
  • Katie McGuinness as Josie Wellstead
  • Sam Otto as John “Oz” Osweiller
  • Sheila Vand as Zarah Ferami
  • Mike O’Malley as Roche
  • Annalise Basso as Lilah “LJ” Folger Jr.
  • Jaylin Fletcher as Miles
  • Lena Hall as Miss Audrey
  • Roberto Urbina as Javier “Javi” de La Torre
  • Sean Bean as Mr. Wilford
  • Rowan Blanchard as Alexandra, Melanie’s daughter

Is There A Trailer Out yet?

Yes, TNT dropped a teaser for Snowpiercer Season 2 which showcases Sean Bean as Mr. Wilford who wants the train back from Layton.

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