Singer Badal Bhardwaj is proving to be a boon for the artists of his home district Chhindwara and Madhya Pradesh

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Badal Bhardwaj

Badal Bhardwaj is a very talented singer, actor, composer, lyricist, digital producer and model. Singer Badal Bhardwaj in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh.

Singer Badal Bhardwaj started humming at the age of just 7. Badal’s family realized that Badal had the qualities of a good singer. After some time Badal’s father Mr. Sanjay Bharadwaj put Badal in a music class to take music lessons. The gurus of singer Badal Bhardwaj are Shri Shashikant Sardeshpande and Manohar Das. At the age of 9, Badal’s first album of devotional songs “Aao Na Jagdamba Ghar Aangan” was launched. Singer Badal got recognition from his super duper hit devotional song, “DJ Pe Nachega Sara Mahola (Bhai-Bhai)” from his 8th album “Cute Ganesha”.

Even after this superhit song, Badal had to struggle a lot, although with this, Badal started getting offers to sing from famous music companies of India. Later, several devotional songs albums of singer Badal were launched, which were well received by the people. After making his mark in the world of devotional songs, singer Badal Bhardwaj’s first romantic song “Piya” was launched, Singer Badal Bhardwaj got recognition in Bollywood with his second romantic song “Love Ki Gallery”. This song was released by India’s well-known Zee Music Company.

Singer Badal Bhardwaj’s albums have been released by many famous music companies of India like – Zee Music, Venus Music, Ishtar Music, Sonotek Music, Wave Music, Shreyon Music etc.

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Singer Badal Bharadwaj is very talented, he sings in many languages ​​including Hindi, Singer Badal is also interested in acting apart from singing. He made a guest appearance in the “&TV” serial “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain” and Badal Bhardwaj also starred in “Bhumka”, a short film made to support the Government of India’s COVID-19 vaccination awareness campaign. film “Bhumka” has been released from many OTT platforms – Just like MXPlayer, Hungamaplay etc.
Singer Badal Bhardwaj made his Punjabi song debut with the Punjabi song “Photoshoot” released by Shreyan Music Label. Badal Bhardwaj’s Punjabi song is being liked a lot by the people, in this series soon Badal Bhardwaj is going to bring another bang Punjabi song among all of you.

Singer Badal Bhardwaj has struggled a lot to make his place in the music and film world. He is well aware of all the difficulties faced by budding singers and other artistes in the music and film world. singer Badal Bhardwaj has started a film studio and music label in his work land and in his home district Chhindwara. Named is ‘Shreyon Studio’ and ‘Shreyon Music Label’. Shreyon Film Studio is one of the most hi-tech film studios in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh which has proved to be a boon for the artistes of Chhindwara. Badal has given opportunities to many singers, musicians, writers and other artists through Shreyon Music Label. Singer Badal Bhardwaj aims to establish his name on the international stage with artists from his home district of Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh and India.

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