Sikkal Singaravelan Temple Attracting Tourist Among Tamil Nadu Temples

Navneet S Karnani
Navneet S Karnani
Sikkal Singaravelan Temple

Sikkal Singaravelan Temple is a popular place to visits in Tamil Nadu. This temple is constructed in the dedication of Lord Muruga. Its popularity is the rare temple where deities Vishnu and Shiva are present in the complex. The temple was built in the Chola era. Sikkal is a small place to visits which is located between the Nagapattinam and Thiruvarur in Tamil Nadu, India. The location is most famous for its Murugan temple.

Sikkal Singaravelan Temple History

The Sikkal Singaravelan Temple was developed in ancient India at the time of Chola’s rule or period. At that time Vijayanagar empire was found in this place. This was spread to more than 2 acres.  This temple denotes India’s architectural history, but many legends stated that the Muchukunda Cholan built this. His association with Muchukunda was with the Tiruvarar legend.

Legend states that divine Kamadhenu consumed the meat and it was cursed to become the tiger. When its face was turned, the tiger asked the Lord and Lord stated that when it took bath in the holy place Mallkaaranyam, only Kamashenu would get relief from the curse. When Kamadhenu built the pond and started bathing, the entire pond became milky, the milk-pond then gathered butter. Sage Vasishta created the Lingam and later on, it becomes difficult to remove this created Lingam. People said that Thiru Vennai Nathar named is given to Lord Shiva as he was made of butter.

Importance of Murugan Temple

The availability of Lord Shiva and Vishnu makes this place important. Many people have faith that this is a very old temple as the jasmine forest smell can be observed. Local people believe that god Kamadhenu fulfills the people’s wishes, so visitors come to this spot and pray from the god.

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Sikkal Singaravelan Temple Mythology

This temple is constructed in Lord Shiva’s dedication but the main deity of this place of Lord Singaravelavar. Mythologically it is found that Rishi Vasishta has developed this Shivalingam from the butter. The butter was made with the divine cow, Kamadhenu’s milk. When Rishi performed the puja then Shialingam was stuck and was unable to shift to another place. Hence people gave the name to this place Sikkal.

Sikkal Singaravelan Murugan Temple Festivals

Brahmotsavam is the main festival which is celebrated in Chittrai. Skanda Shashti Utsacvam is another major festival that attracts visitors to this place in Tamil Nadu.

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