Should India Ban Vulgar Instagram Reels?

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Instagram has significantly impacted most of our lives. Though video content on the platform has been steadily increasing, it was primarily used for square-shaped photos until early 2020. Then Instagram Reels took the stage. Users were now left thumbing through their Reels feed nonstop, like a hammer aimed at a nail. Following the cringe videos and vulgarity that can be seen now and then in your Instagram feeds.

Is Instagram going to be banned soon because of viral vulgar videos?

TikTok was prohibited in India because it was created by a Chinese corporation, citing privacy and security concerns that were not true. Unless proven otherwise, I support TikTok’s prohibition in India because most Indians only create movies of animal abuse, sexual abuse, and cheap content films for views, which are backed by many Indians.

If you’re familiar with Instagram trends, you’ve probably heard of “Cringe Reels”. Most of us chuckle and scroll away from these cringe movies, but they’re steadily making their way into everyone’s Instagram algorithm. Take some instances- Have you heard about Puneet Superstar (a person from the North who does the most bizarre things to himself to make you laugh)? Even things like falling in a dirty puddle? Or Sanjay Sham (a guy from the South who performs the current Hollywood pop songs that make you laugh)? Does Pani Pani Pani, Uncle? Do the phrases “Ji mujhe pani de dijiye (Uncle, please give me water)” and “Zainab ke papa” seem familiar?

Recently, a video went viral on Instagram reels, the woman is shown dancing in a lewd and inappropriate manner with a youngster who appears to be between the ages of 10 and 12 and whom she claims is her son. The DCW alleged that in the video, the woman engaged in “sexual activities with a minor child”. According to the DCW, such acts will not only have a detrimental impact on the child in the video but will also have a harmful influence on others, including other children watching the video.”

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Officials have constantly given warnings

What we find amusing and slightly distasteful results in increased viewership for the creator. This causes Instagram to push more of these ‘cringe Reels’ to us. If you enjoy watching vulgar cringe reels, you’ve probably seen another collection of viral videos: Delhi Metro footage. Remember the ‘Kaleshi videos’ in which people fight over a seat or object to excessive PDA between a couple? These recordings quickly became viral, and everyone’s attention was drawn to the Delhi Metro and related videos. 

People continue to build vulgar Reels on the Delhi Metro despite the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s repeated warnings against it. People began dancing, leaping, and creating Reels on the Metro, and the films quickly went viral.

Education is extremely important for all

Another cause for the surge in such situations is a lack of education. Shakshi Agarwal, a counselor, agrees. She claims that education and understanding the negative effects of reel consumption can help us develop critical thinking skills, which may assist in stopping the cycle of ongoing reel consumption and creation. So what are your thoughts? Should Instagram ban such obscene videos?

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