Shoaib Ibrahim-Dipika Kakar: Couple calls the child by this name, told whom the baby’s face resembles

Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim recently became parents to a baby boy. Deepika gave birth to a baby boy on 22 June.


The television industry’s famous couple Shoaib Ibrahim-Dipika Kakar recently became parents to a baby boy. The couple has a child after five years of marriage. Deepika has had a baby due to premature delivery, due to which she is under the doctor’s supervision. Meanwhile, Shoaib-Deepika has updated their vlog, in which it has been told that by what name the couple calls the baby, and what its appearance resembles. Deepika Kakkar shared many photos on social media after her pregnancy. Ever since the news broke that the actress has given birth to a baby boy, fans have been curious to know what Deepika has named her baby boy, and what he looks like.

‘No one has seen the child’

The couple gave all the updates related to the child in their vlog. Shoaib told that Deepika had a C-section delivery. There is pain, but she is recovering. He said, “We are just waiting for this moment to take the son home quickly because only Deepika and I have been able to see. No member of the house has been able to see the child.” He told that everything happened suddenly. Dipika’s delivery date was due in July, but everything happened so quickly that there was no prep work.

Shoaib Ibrahim-Dipika Kakar told baby name

Deepika and Shoaib told that the name of the child was already thought of. But now they fondly call him Chotu. Soon he will also reveal the real name of the child to the fans. At the same time, the actress told that the child has gone to Shoaib. The water bag was torn at midnight
Shoaib told that Deepika’s water bag suddenly burst at 3 o’clock on the night of 20 June. He was returning home after dinner when Deepika’s water bag burst. He immediately called the doctor. But there was no NICU facility. So he had to go to another doctor.-0

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