Shilpa Shetty Shares Motivation With Yoga Clip Post Kundra’s Controversies

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda

We all know the  Kundra controversy which has a great effect on his family, especially on her wife famous actress Shilpa Shetty. Raj kundra is now facing the law and is in judicial custody , adding to this even his bail plea was disapproved. Shilpa and family are trying their best to cope up with the situation , the negative limelight has not even spared her career . Unfortunenately , Shilpa’s new movie “Hungama” came out while her husband’s deeds was gaining a lot of attention , she had to cut herself off for a while from a  dance reality show (Superdancer) in which she was as a judge and was replaced by Farah Khan for sometime.

But , after a month of these chaos , Shilpa Shetty is now attempting to restart her normal life with her children , and has taken her first step towards normalcy by resuming her yoga and positivity classes . She has joined her reality shows , and  have started to post new gorgeous pics in her insgram handle.


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Recently on Monday, Shilpa Shetty shared a clip of her doing yoga and gaining positivity , and informing her fans about the benefits of yoga. She also wrote quite a big para as her caption including the benefits of the yoga and its different asnas , she wrote that “Monday Motivation Giving the body a good stretch early in the day works wonders. It can relieve stress/tension pain by aiding your muscles and mind with blood circulation preparing your body for the day ahead.


So, I decided to start my day under head under the sky, feet on the ground, with the chirping birds and O2 with the Utthan Pristhasana, or the Lizard pose. It not only improves the body’s flexibility, but also helps open up hamstrings, hip flexors, and groin. Additionally, it strengthens the inner thighs and quadriceps, making it a great asana for hip opening, opening the upper body (& mind), and calming the nerves. Nature + Yoga really has a way to heal holistically. (However, if you are suffering from any hip or knee injury or have a weak or dislocated shoulder, it is advisable to either avoid this pose or practice it under supervision.)

Shilpa recently has hared one of her pic in a yoga pose captioning it as “Our thoughts hold unfathomable powers that shape our approach towards life. How we handle our successes or deal with our failures is all in the mind. Does an achievement change the way you think and interact with others? Or does a setback tell you that it is the end of the road for you? If you can control your mind and your thoughts even when you’re experiencing these extreme emotions, then you can define the world that you live in every day. Don’t let the high of a success or the sadness from setbacks engulf you. LIVE IN THE NOW, EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY… EVEN YOU.”


Shilpa’s fanbases , her fan accounts and her friends family membbers and all her closed one , are up for Shilpa and helping her stay positive and regaining her normal life with her kids.

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