“Sheep in Sheep’s Clothing” – Kabul Remarks On POTUS Biden

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
Kabul Remarks On POTUS Biden

On 26th August President Joe Biden reacted in reprisal for the Kabul attack, by vowing to the United States on Thursday by saying in his emotion “ We will not forgive, We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay,”. This statement was live hours after 13 US soldiers were killed in the bombings of Kabul airport. There were nearly 100 people who lost their lives including the soldiers. The president sounded very retaliated and angry, which was absolutely menacing.

Until now he was so sure that things are going quite well that, the US soldiers will be back and the rest is of the Khan people is their problem.

This valiant attempt of the President didn’t work like what he was expecting, he stepped back lamentably for himself and for his country, which was not what the US citizens were expecting. This made him look like “ A sheep in Sheep’s Clothing”.

In the post-election scenario, Biden’s blind voters after hearing this must be very motivated by his speech.  But other than those, most of them must be feeling pity for him or must be ridiculed by him.

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This humiliation and disregarded is more than any indignity ever faced by the United States, even more than the Saigon in 1975.  At that time at least there was a sense of freeness.

This time it is more of like unconditional and unfortunate concede to a shapeless, shameless, inhuman armed insurgent.

Something which is funnier than this is that the prime minister of Pakistan, the only person who has propagated that Afghanistan is having liberation and has thrown away all the slavery to pass.

We hope the US does not become another country the have the same sense of liberation.

Because if that’s what liberation is, then people should have welcomed the Taliban, should have hugged them with all pride, and should have celebrated with tears happiness regardless of that what’s happening is, people are trying their best to get out of the life-threatening chaos, even hanging in the Airplane wheels to come out of the situation.

Now coming to the sense safeguarding from the US, Biden is just messing up and picking pieces after what trump had with the Taliban.

Trump had never agreed on an Unconditional concede and withdrawal. And other than America made it very clear from their side in the agreement at Doha in February 2020, that they disagree to consider Taliban as the Islamic Emirates on the very first page of the agreement.

Trump, never recognized and never accepted the principle of the Taliban calling themselves as the Islamic emirates of Afghanistan.

In, contrary to that the Biden team is not only considering the principle but also calling it legal although is the agreement it is clearly mentioned that, the US doesn’t recognize the Taliban as Islamic emirates of Afghanistan.

Today this legitimate sense of biden’s has given him a result of 13 soldiers, who were killed regardless of the agreement.  This is a  great indignity for the United States of America.

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