Shani Shignapur – A Village Without Doors In Maharashtra

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Shani Shignapur Village

When the world is filled with various crimes beginning from theft and burglars to internet-related security breaches and hackers, can you think of houses without doors? Can you imagine a bank or lockers without a lock? But the unbelievable truth in the 21st century is “Shani Shignapur,” where houses have no doors, and the bank has no lock.

You may be wondering about the super-tight security in Shani Shignapur. But until 2015, there was no police station in Shani Shignapur, and the police say there was not a single complaint by anybody from Shani Shignapur after 2015. In the year 2011, the United Commercial Bank inaugurated the country’s first lockless branch in Shani Shignapur.

People who do not know about Shani Shignapur will never believe and say this is a myth. But the doorless and secured Shani Shignapur exists and it exists for the last 300 years in the district of Ahmednagar in the state of Maharashtra in India. The legendary Shani Shignapur started its doorless journey from a mythological happening that is believed to be true. The stories go like this:

Before about 300 years the village experienced heavy rain and flood when a big and black stone slab was washed away by river Panasnala. The slab then was found in the middle of the village that was brought by the river.

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Some curious people touched the 1.5m slab by stick, and to their astonishment, they found fresh blood coming out of the boulder. People in the village were shocked and perplexed. But the same night, “Shani” (Saturn) the deity or one of the powerful Gods of Hindu religion, appeared the village chief in his dream. Shani said that the slab was none else but Himself and the villagers must adore the slab. Shani further ordered that He be residing in the slab and guard the entire village and for the villagers’ safety and security. Therefore, the slab should be installed and established in the middle of the village in an open space.

People obeyed the Shani God and did as per the wish of Shani. Eventually, Since then nobody in the village felt the need for any doors and fearlessly lived in the village as Shani was protecting them and their properties. And to date, neither doors are there nor any security issues ever troubled the villagers.

 How to Reach the Shani Shignapur?

ShaniShignapur is 90 km away from Aurangabad airport. You can also travel to the place from Nashik airport by covering a distance of 144 km. Pune airport is 161 km away from the place. The destination is has a good road transport connection and you only need to travel 32 km from Ahmednagar and 85 km from Aurangabad.

 Best Time to Visit the Shani Shignapur

The best time to visit ShaniShignapur is between June to December.

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