Shamita Shetty Shocked Over Raqesh Sudden Exit From Bigg Boss

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

Bigg Boss most happening episodes come in week when Salman Khan interacts with the contestant. This week was similar as well. But this weekend was not good for Shamita Shetty.

As she came to know that Raqesh Bapat’s exit from Bigg Boss. While announcing the eviction of Raqesh from the house. Host Salman Khan announced that there were two exists in the previous week from the house.

After hearing this Shamita was really shocked and asked who was the other contestant. And later Salman Khan informed all the member that the other contestant was Raqesh.

Shamita was really taken aback and was I’m shock after hearing the news. Salman Khan added that he has left the show on medical grounds. And said although his health is fine he wants to rest and doesn’t want to comeback to the show again.

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She was stunned after hearing these news from Salman Khan. Shamita was really upset with the news. Salman asked her to stay strong and also that she can play the game alone. He also went and added by saying that she can play well and that she should concentrate on the game.

As soon as Salman Khan left the show. Shamita got really emotional as well as angry on the news of Raqesh leaving. She told her friend Neha Bhasin that Raqesh should not have come. Neha tell her that they can always meet outside the show.

Very soon Shamita broke down and continue to say  “He shouldn’t have come, Thoda tough ho Jata hai and he runs away at least stand and fight. kya hai yaar. I knew anyways he’s leaving as something was off. He knew he was going, he knew it and he didn’t tell me.”

Neha consoled Shamita and said , “He was not in the right frame of mind and he fell ill so it must have become a double trouble for him.” However, Shamita did not wanted to hear anything and says that who had asked him to come inside and did he think that it was going to be a cakewalk for him.”

Neha kept supporting Raqesh and said that it must also be difficult for him to continue the show. As he was genuinely ill and it would have affected his morale. The Mohabbatein actress got really angry. And said if he knew he was leaving he should have at least inform her about it. Later Shamita told Neha that she don’t want to talk about him anymore and that it is over.

Raqesh Bapat, made an entry in  the house. As an wild card contestant. He was taken out of the house recently . He complained of pain due to his kidney stones issue. His exist from the house was really shocking for all his fans The actor was expected to be back soon but now he has formally announced his exit from the show.

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