Shaktimaan told the secret of success, will always be happy in life

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Children’s superhero Shaktimaan (Shaktiman) is still imprisoned in the memories of many people. ‘Shaktimaan’ TV serial is that character, who has taught many small things to the children. Shaktimaan comes to save the people of the earth in trouble and saves people’s lives even after suffering himself. Shaktimaan also teaches important lessons to people through another program ‘Sorry Shaktimaan’. This time Shaktimaan has explained and explained the importance of discipline in life and how to establish it.

The secret to success is discipline

1. Self-rule is self-discipline

2. Discipline is extremely important for success and a happy life.

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3. Discipline does not mean limiting yourself or killing your desires. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Discipline means self control. Discipline takes us on the right path in life.

4. Discipline means resetting small habits in your life. Such as waking up on time, eating food on time, getting fresh on time, studying on time, sleeping on time at night. It is also very important for your body.

5. Discipline is the key to stay mentally and physically healthy. Everything in nature like time, rising or setting of the sun is also discipline.

6. Only a person full of discipline can remain devoted towards his goal in life. Mahatma Gandhi also used to say that – without discipline neither the family nor the world can run.

7. Discipline teaches us to fight the difficulties in life and makes us strong. Discipline is the key to success. If there is no discipline then the person will become directionless. If discipline is combined with focus, the results are much better. (courtesy- Youtube/Sorry Shaktimaan,

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