Shahid Alvi Sid – The Tale Of The Social Media Star Who Became An Overnight Internet Sensation

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Shahid Alvi Sid

The internet has the power to make or break anyone today, with millions of users keeping a tap on the activities on various social media platforms, if something entertaining gets picked up on the internet, then it can hardly escape being a sensation.

A similar story materialised for Shahid Alvi Sid, when his 18 second long video, famously called as Nagarpalika video or Arey Bhai bhai bhai video broke the internet in a short span. It was in the year 2017 when the video was released but it’s memes are trending till now on social media which is testimony of the fact how much did the visuals stay in the minds of his viewers.

The short video was merely seconds long with gave Shahid the inspiration to go ahead in his journey on YouTube, today he has close more than 2,80,000 subscribers who religiously follow him and his content.

Hailing from the Kanpur district of the state of Uttar Pradesh, Shahid has amassed several million view videos on his chhanel.

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Shahid’s video has been giving consistent catchphrases to the millennials, the Nagarpalika meme is alive in the hearts of millions of his followers. In India, Nagarpalika is the Hindi translation of the municipal corporation of an area which he referred to in his video when he abruptly fell in a ditch while expressing his concerns over the issue of corruption in the state.

Through his content, Shahid has struck a chord with the Indian millennials and he never fails to give more sensational content with his audience, he says,” The Nagarpalika video was made out of a normal idea that came across our minds one day, we shot the video naturally and uploaded the same on YouTube, within some days we were amazed by the engagement that memes on NagarPalika were getting, there were several fan pages built with very interesting memes, we felt inspired to keep making such videos more through that event”.

The youth clearly connects with his content in the most natural ways and intends to depict real-life events in a humorous way. The desi Indian sense of humour and an impeccable timing in content delivery has led to his skyrocketing fame over the years.

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