Shah Rukh Movie Dunki: What is the secret code of Shahrukh Khan’s new film ‘Dunki’, let us explain to you in detail


The enthusiasm of the fans of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan is at its peak. The reason is his upcoming film ‘Dunki’ which is being directed by one of the most successful directors of Hindi cinema, Rajkumar Hirani. This will be the first time that Hirani will direct a Shahrukh film. The release of this film is scheduled for 22 December 2023. That means, this director-actor duo will try to create new records at the box office by releasing the film during Christmas. However, fans still have a question in their minds that what is the meaning of the title of the film and what is the relation of the title to its story?

What is the reason for keeping the title of the film Dunki

If we look at the directorial history of Rajkumar Hirani till now, it comes to light that his films are mostly on social issues. Especially those that challenge the evils or beliefs of the society. In this series, Dunki is also being speculated to be a film on social issues. According to the information received from insiders of Bollywood, Dunki is actually a code word.

This code comes from the term ‘donkey flights’, which is also known as illegal border immigration i.e. a way of getting immigrants to cross the border illegally. Since Doneky is pronounced as Dinky in the Indian accent, the title of the film has been kept as Dinky. It is being speculated that Rajkumar Hirani’s film will be seen highlighting the issue of Dunki Flights.

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After all, what are donkey flights, why is this a big problem?

Donkey flights do not only mean reaching another country illegally through air service. But any way of crossing the border illegally is called donkey flights. Simply put, it is an illegal way for immigrants to enter any country. Generally, people who do not get entry into any country through the available methods. They try to reach that country by adopting difficult routes from other countries and hiding their identity. This method is called donkey flights.

How big the problem of donkey flights is can be gauged from the fact that every year thousands of people from India and around the world try to go to the country of their dreams in this way. The majority of victims of Donkey Flights are youth. In India, this problem is widespread in Punjab. Many youth here take the help of these donkey flights to settle in Canada, America, Britain and Europe.

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