Sex Education season 3: Those things that we expect in the new season

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Since the end of Season 2 of Sex Education fans have been in suspense. It must be said that the end was quite stressful. It showed Otis revealing his feelings to Maeve on his voicemail. But Isaac was erasing this message so that the beauty would not read it. What does season 3 have in store for us?

So since then, everyone has been wondering what could happen in this season 3. We then tell you some expectations for this new season. Already remember, Jean, Otis’ mother is pregnant. And the father is believed to be Jakob.

What is certain is that man will eventually learn it. What would we like? Let them get back together. They were such a lovely couple. For this new season of Sex Education we hope that Aimee will regain her self-confidence. Since her sexual assault, the girl was in pain.

At the end of season 2, all the girls in the series accompanied her on the bus to reassure her. The beginning of the end of his ordeal? On Eric’s side, the end of the season was rather positive. Adam decided to show off with him. But we know the story, nothing will go as planned.

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The directors of Sex Education like to make us go through a lot of emotions. And what is certain is that Eric and Adam will not have a happy ending right away. Let’s move on to the character we all adore: Maeve. The young woman approaches Isaac.

And it’s very annoying! Obviously, from the start we wanted to see the young rebel with our Otis. It could therefore be, once again, that the young man misses the mark and sees his beautiful go out with the young disabled. Remember that he still deleted his message!

Not all that honest. The last expectation we have is of course the return of the clinic. So we hope Otis and Maeve will reopen sex counseling for students. This is kind of the essence of Sex Education. So we keep our fingers crossed and we hope to see season 3 soon.

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