Sex Education Season 3: Positivity about Cast and Release Date !!

Kristene Taylor
Kristene Taylor

In recent days, a tweet announcing the release date of season 3 of Sex Education for January 17, 2021, has been circulating on social networks. Sorry to disappoint you but this is a fake: we will have to wait a while before discovering the rest of the adventures of Otis, Maeve, and the others on Netflix.


This year 2020 will have spared us nothing between a global pandemic, two lockdowns, the deaths of many celebrities like Kobe Bryant or Diego Maradona … and delays in our favourite series. Consequence: it will take longer to see the new episodes of The Witcher, Stranger Things, You, or Sex Education. Because no, the release date of the sequel to the series with Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, and Gillian Anderson has not been announced, unlike what you may have seen on the networks.

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Sex Education back in January 2021? The fake poster that makes the buzz

Our heart did only a good one upon seeing the tweet below. Posted on November 24, it announces the release date of season 3 of Sex Education for January 17 on Netflix. Finally good news in 2020? Oh no! Because this tweet collects retweets (more than 21,000) and likes (97.7K already), it is a fake.

Sex education season 3Already because the Netflix Updates account that posted it is not official. But above all, because January 17 was the release date … of season 2. Yes, to deceive Internet users – and many of them have fallen into the trap since even some American sites have relayed the information – the person in charge of the account simply reposted the poster for the second season. Very smart …

Season 3 isn’t coming right away and here’s why

You will understand, season 3 of Sex Education is not scheduled for January and it is completely normal: the filming did not start until September because of the coronavirus. It was originally scheduled to start in May but the pandemic and containment forced the team to postpone it for several months. It is not yet known when it should end or when the episodes will be ready for uploading to Netflix. One thing is certain: three new actors will join the cast for the sequel. And that is official!

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