Sex Education Season 3: Netflix Is ​​looking For New Actors!

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

Sex Education Season 3 is coming to Netflix in a few months. The channel is looking for some new players.

Several months ago, Sex Education fans got to watch Season 2 on Netflix. So, they saw Otis and Maeve again and a lot of things happened in their high school.

The two young people continued to give their classmates sex advice and they had a lot to do. Indeed, some students had chlamydia and they tried to find the one who had transmitted it to the other students.

Then Otis and Maeve also had to deal with their relationship issues. Indeed, Maeve has feelings for the young man but they have a hard time confessing their feelings. So, the final season of Sex Education left a big cliffhanger.

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Fans are going to have to wait until Season 3 to find out if Maeve and Otis will get together. In addition, Netflix seems to be looking for new players.

Sex Education: New Students For Season 3!

The Sex Education series is a big hit on Netflix and the series has already been renewed. Moreover, the next season is in preparation and the shooting will take place in the coming months.

Indeed, for season 3, Netflix seems to be looking for new actors. According to the media Gentside, it is the company Mad Dog Productions that takes care of finding future talents. It would therefore be looking for actors who are around 18 to 26 years old.

So, we can think that Sex Education will stage new faces in high school. Otis and Maeve will therefore meet new classmates with different stories. Nevertheless, the box did not give any details on the new roles of season 3.

Actors who wish to apply should therefore send their application with recent photos. However, the minimum age requirement is 18 and artists must have permission to work in the country.

Finally, the filming of season 3 of Sex Education is scheduled to take place in September in Cardiff and Newport.

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