Seven Stocks is now Investocks

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Seven Stocks has been one the leading Stock Market Mentor for Investors throughout the years know for its self made unique trading strategies, particularly Options hedging and safers oriented intraday strategy – Bulle Eye Strategy. Following the dynamics of market and need of diversification, Seven Stocks founder Vafi Mansuri has decided to restructure its services and offerings. Creating access to more diversified trainings for different set of investors along with many additional services to offer. Hence Seven Stocks has got its new name in Investocks.

Now, Investors and Traders can access trainings based on their specific needs that match with their purpose in market. Investors can opt for Investment based Trainings while Traders can opt for Trading Strategies. One will also have an option to opt for tutorials or live training as per own preference. One can access tutorials from their newly introduced app Investocks which is available on Google Playstore. One can also subscribe to their YouTube channel Investocks for lot of informative content regularly.

In addition to this, Investocks also introduced some other financial products and services apart from equity and derivatives segment. It is now also offering Insurance products, Insurance based investments, Mutual Funds, Corporate Bonds, Corporate FDs, and PMS. Offering people an opportunity to maintain single point of contact for all their financial needs that helps in preserving time and energy of the person. Well that’s not it, Investocks has many other offerings lined up in its pipeline which will be introduced very soon.

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