Selena: This Was The Exciting Romantic Story Of The Singer Behind The Screen

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

The streaming platform Netflix premiered on December 4 the highly acclaimed miniseries that tells the musical and life story of the successful and late Tex-Mex singer, Selena.

As Selena fans will know, the new Netflix miniseries is a production that will consist of 2 seasons. In the first installment of 9 episodes, the life story of the singer is narrated until the release of her second album in 1990.

The following season of Selena will explore the life of the singer and her musical and artistic rise up to the moment of her death.

The Netflix miniseries is inspired by the life of Tex-Mex singer of Mexican descent, Selena Quintanilla, who was adored by her fans for her powerful voice, stylish outfits, and gracious personality.

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As many fans will remember, singer Selena Quintanilla passed away in 1995 after receiving several gunshot wounds, leaving behind her family and her husband Chris Pérez whom she had married 3 years before her death.

Chris Pérez, Selena’s husband, was part of the singer’s family’s musical band. Later, he was fired by Selena’s father upon discovering that the musician had an affair with his daughter.

Chris recounted in his 2012 memoir, “To Selena, With Love,” that he fell in love with Selena during a trip to Acapulco, Mexico. He also commented that their relationship grew closer after connecting on the trip.

However, Selena’s family, especially her father, Abraham, disapproved of the romance. Eventually, he fired Chris from the band to keep him separated from Selena.

In an interview with Texas Monthly, Selena’s husband said that as a result of the ban on keeping their love, Selena proposed to elope. Initially, he refused, but then agreed and they were married hours later.

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