Season 3 of ‘The Mandalorian’ (Disney +) could begin filming in April 2021

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The plans of Jon Favreau and the rest of his team were to put the production of season 3 of The Mandalorian underway in December 2020, but finally the filming of the new installment of the queen of the original Disney + series will not begin until the next spring. According to information on the Production List site , which has been echoed by many media, the recordings of the new episodes of the fiction starring Pedro Pascal will begin in April in Los Angeles. What does that mean for its potential premiere in 2021? Won’t we have more The Mandalorian until 2022?

The Production List site , which compiles all the productions of series and films currently in activity and scheduled, has shared this information through its Twitter account, although the information will not be 100% accurate until it is confirmed by Favreau, a spokesperson Disney + or any other party involved in the process.

That The Mandalorian returns to work in April seems to make it inevitable that we will not be able to enjoy season 3 until the first months of 2022 , unlike the first two installments of the series, which were released in November and October 2019 and 2020 respectively. However, the dates match what was previously announced by Lucasfilm director Kathleen Kennedy, who, as ScreenRant recalls , confirmed at the time that the ‘spin-off’ The Book of Boba Fett would be shot first and would see the light of day. of the year that The Mandalorian had previously enjoyed .

If both fictions connect in any way beyond being a ‘spin-off’ of the other remains to be seen, but the ‘crossover’ between the two titles seems undoubtedly a more than probable option.

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With filming starting in April, as reported, or a month before or after, the reality is that we still have a long wait ahead to find out what plans the team led by Jon Favreau has for the Disney + series. It is a mystery if from now on the fiction will be 100% focused on the path of Din Djarin (Pascal) after having completed his mission to take Grogu with his family or if we will see the adorable creature returning to his arms after having been picked up by Luke Skywalker ( Mark Hamill ) himself.
We also know from season 3 of The Mandalorian that Moff Gideon ( Giancarlo Esposito ) will play an even bigger role in the new episodes, so he won’t have stopped giving the porter trouble when the action resumes. In addition, Pedro Pascal has announced that we will see his character remove his helmet on more than one occasion, which is the definitive proof that the Mandalorian will be taking a very different path after two full seasons of learning.

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