Search Party Season 4: HBO Max Ordered The Sequel

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

All of the third season episodes were uploaded to the HBO Max streaming platform on June 25, 2020. You’re probably wondering if there will be a season 4 for Search Party? Well, know that we know since last year that the series will be entitled to a sequel.

The first two seasons were broadcast on the American channel TBS before HBO Max decided to obtain the rights to the series. When the deal was made, the new streaming platform announced that it was planning a minimum of 4 seasons for this comedy.

When Will Search Party Season 4 Air?

If you’re an early fan, you’ve been through the two-year wait between the second and third seasons of Search Party. This delay was exceptional because, as we explained previously, the series has changed broadcaster. For us, Search Party goes live on OCS, usually 24 hours after the broadcast in the United States.

The season 4 was shot in the rest of season 3 so it will not be delayed by the sanitary measures that were put in place to fight against covid19. Normally, HBO Max (which is only available for Americans) should go live for Season 4 of Search Party in June 2021. This is only a guess but in general streaming platforms like to wait for at least one. the year before releasing the rest of their series.

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The Actors Have Revealed Some Information About Season 4

During an interview for TV Line, the Search Party cast made some crisp revelations. Watch out for spoilers, if you haven’t finished season three yet, stop reading;).

When the reporter asks Shawkat if luck will ultimately smile on Dory and Polly, Alia Shawkat replied, “ We have already filmed season 4, so we know things. I think it might not be the clearest, but karma works irrationally. Throughout this series, these people are running away, and in silly and ridiculous ways they’re trying to escape something and they can’t. The story began with a girl who was looking for herself, but you can’t run away from who you are, which is kind of the theme that comes up throughout the series. You have to end up facing your responsibilities. “

John Reynolds adds another layer by saying, “ I feel like they are constantly floundering in karma. For every twisted little win, they take five losses, mostly Drew. I can’t remember the last time Drew had a good time. “

It is therefore not a happy future that awaits the characters in season 4 of Search Party. At the same time, everything should not be all beautiful all pink otherwise we risk getting bored.

If we summarize it will therefore be necessary to wait at least a year before being able to binge-watcher the continuation of Search Party on OCS. The positive side is that unlike Dark there will be a season 4.

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