Santosh Sapkota : Celebrity Social Media Manager and Singer

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Santosh Sapkota

Most of the youths have decided to give up the routine 9-5 traditional jobs and follow the idea of becoming their boss. Santosh Sapkota is also such a name that has proven today’s youth generation’s willpower in front of the world with a positive mindset.

Santosh Sapkota is a young, determined, and visionary with a creative mind. His desire to do good for the country’s people and to have their brand led them to the path of Digital entrepreneurship.
The young generation is believed to be the future of any nation. What our youths do will define the nation’s future. Nepal is one of the nations where the youngsters are shifting towards becoming a part of the digital entrepreneurial world with out-of-box Ideas

Santosh Sapkota started his journey in the field of digital marketing as a freelancer about five years ago. His love for music attracted him towards the client related to the musical field. He is working with many top-level and highly recognized singers of Nepal mainly as their digital marketer, social media manager, and also as a co-artist with a few. Santosh has given his vocal to more than half a dozen songs

Digital marketing is a field of tight competition. It requires consistent consideration that will be advantageous later on. Santosh Sapkota a 22-year old tech expert from Rupandehi Nepal. Focusing on his advertising profession Santosh has been known for helping notable artists and singers from Nepal. He is a specialist in YouTube marketing, Social media Marketing, Page handling, and website handling.

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