Salman Khan Revealed When He Had No Money For Buying Clothes Then Suniel Helped Him

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Salman Khan On Suniel Shetty: Bollywood actor Salman Khan is as soft in heart as he seems to be in a tough mood. Everyone has seen their friendship. When he considers someone as his friend, he does it from the heart. Recently, Salman Khan has recalled his tough times when he did not even have money to buy clothes and then Sunil Shetty helped him.

Salman Khan did not even have money to buy a shirt

Recalling his old days, Salman Khan said, “There was a time when I did not have much money. I hardly had the money to buy a pant-jeans. During that time the new fashion of stone washed jeans came. I went to a very popular store and saw stone washed jeans and shirt. I only had money to buy the shirt and I gave up on the shirt. Suniel Shetty, who was present with me at that time, saw that I did not have money to buy the shirt, so he bought that shirt and gifted it to me.”

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Suniel Shetty gifted a watch with a shirt

Salman Khan did not stop here, he also told that Suniel Shetty had also gifted him a wallet, which he liked. The ‘Dabangg’ Khan said, “Sunil also noticed that, I was looking at a wallet, but was not buying it. Later he took me to his house and gifted me the same wallet which he also had.”

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