Sabrina season 4 (Netflix): Nick and Sabrina would not have died

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

A few days ago, Netflix put online season 4 of The New Adventures of Sabrin a . The 8 episodes that would conclude the series since there will be no season 5. However, the end shocked fans since it kills several characters . MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z

Even if you will see Kiernan Shipka again in Riverdale , his character tragically dies at the end of season 4 of the series Sabrina . To save the world and her friends against the Eldritch Terrors, the latter sacrificed herself.

In the final scene, we found her in ” the sweet beyond “, joined by Nick (Gavin Leatherwood). We understood that he had committed suicide to stay with the one he loves.

On Reddit, one of them put forward a theory, to say the least surprising. So the two heroes would actually still be alive but stuck in a parallel world .

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In order to justify himself, the Net surfer Mikey Dorsey is based on the room in which we find the two characters at the end of episode 8. In this ” sweet beyond “, we can see several paintings on the walls: hell on the left, paradise on the right and a more neutral painting in the middle. Sabrina and Nick could therefore leave this place to join the world of the living.

You will understand, some fans therefore think that The New Adventures of Sabrina could come back faster than expected.

This theory seems validated by Kiernan Shipka who plays Sabrina Spellman. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the latter confided in being shocked by the end reserved for her character and affirmed that the witch could get by.

“ She’s very smart and I think she can find a way to get back to Greendale if she decides to. And, because I love him so much, that’s what I want to happen, ”she explained. Before adding: ” I hope people will feel that this is not the end of Sabrina, it is just the next phase of the crazy life she can live.” Everything is possible in Sabrina’s world. I am there. I hope she will come back ”.

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