Russia-Ukraine War: Mobile users may also be affected by Russia-Ukraine war! Know why smartphones can be expensive – Smartphone prices may increase due to Russia-Ukraine war, this is the reason

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

new Delhi: Today, for the third day, the war between Ukraine and Russia continues. In the midst of this war, the whole world may have to suffer the effect of the war between these two countries. If experts are to be believed, the price of the smartphone can also be affected due to the war. Meanwhile, the impact of this war can also be seen on the electronic and mobile industry.

how will it affect

According to a report, Ukraine is a major producer of neon gas. This gas is used for laser chip making. Ukraine sends 90 percent of the US Semiconductor-Grade Neon. At the same time, in the case of palladium too, the world’s dependence rests on Russia. Russia supplies 35 per cent of Ishka. This metal is also used to make semiconductors. Now because there is tension between Russia and Ukraine, many companies will be affected by it. Apart from this, the supply of microchips from Russia will also stop due to US sanctions.

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what is the option

These companies can have the option of China, America and Canada. These companies can manage these things from there. If the war between Russia and Ukraine goes on for 8-10 days, then after 15-20 days it may be difficult for these mobile companies to manage things. Due to this, the supply of microchips used in semiconductors and mobiles will also be stalled.


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