RUDRA: Impressive and Uncomfortable at the same time

Rudra - the edge of darkness

Rudra is a psycho crime thriller staged in the Mumbai Police’s Special Crimes Unit. It revolves around DCP Rudraveer Singh, who is under the system’s surveillance even though he is one of the brightest brains at work.The web series is a captivating still from a popular British show.

Background of Rudra

Rudra: The Edge of Darkness, is an Indian version of BBC’s Luther. The creators here have followed the rule of simplicity.Neil Cross wrote and sculpted the original. In the Indian version, Ishaan Trivedi, Abbas, and Hussain Dalal took charge of the writing department. The makers picked the fundamental plotlines from the original episodes and Indianized them, making the course of actions painless to the audience.

Storyline of Rudra

Straightaway, director Rajesh Mapuskar and his team jump headfirst into the narrative. After his suspension for 7 months, DCP Rudraveer Singh (Ajay Devgn) gets a reappointment. He sees his ban lifting temporarily. Rudra is an officer of the Special Crimes Unit, led by Deepali Handa (Ashwini Kalsekar). He is acknowledged to be amongst the most nimbles in the department.

The episodes concentrate on an exceptionally brilliant and psychologically charged criminal; it also gradually unfolds layers of Rudra’s background, which forms a crucial component of the season’s underlying tale. Each of the first 3 episodes intertwines in a thread from Rudra’s inner circle – his disturbed marriage with Shaila (Esha Deol Takhtani), his interactions with his seniors and peers, his dedication to the job at the expense of personal losses, and the methods he employs to dig deep into the minds of brilliant and deadly criminals, often putting himself in danger.

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In the first episode, Alia Choksi (Raashi Khanna) enters Rudra’s life. She’s a child wizard, a space research genius, and a suspect of a double murder case. Although Rudra fails to fully justify her involvement to the world, he does so to her, starting an unexpected bond that bubbles into later episodes.

 Ajay rocks as usual

Ajay performs admirably in his digital debut. He executed it with grace, as always, making Rudra appear larger than life without resorting to OTT theatrics. His character is actively and effectively supported by the remaining cast.


But all is not rosy in this web series. Rudra -The Edge of Darkness is not a pleasant film to see. Only a few crime thrillers on OTT channels have addressed the dark side of this level before. It’s gloomy not only in concept, but also figuratively and practically. There isn’t much sunshine, the setting is purposely oppressive, nobody grins, nobody cracks a joke, and the vibe is dismal throughout.

Overall, Director Rajesh Mapuskar shifts from making a jovial movie like Ferrari Ki Sawaari to crafting something gritty like Rudra, where you will definitely feel the excitement within while also needing the balls to swallow the unfolding proceedings.


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