Rubina Dilaik Pregnancy: Rubina Dilaik was seen flaunting baby bump for the first time! video went viral

The news of television actress Rubina Dilaik's pregnancy has become the talk of the town. Now a video of Rubina has surfaced in which the actress is seen flaunting her baby bump.


Rubina Dilaik Pregnancy ‘ Queen’ of small screen Rubina Dilaik has come into the spotlight these days. Many days ago, after seeing her filmland, suckers had guessed that she was going to come to a mama. Now a videotape of the actress has surfaced, in which she’s seen exhibiting her baby bump. Seeing this, people are convinced that the actress is pregnant. Rubina Dilaik remains veritably active on social media. She keeps her suckers streamlined with her life through vlogs. lately, the actress participated in a vlog, after which the news of her gestation turned out to be true.

Rubina Dilaik Pregnancy verified!

Rubina Dilaik has participated in a rearmost vlog on YouTube, in which she was seen going to the US alone. Before boarding the flight, Rubina sported her baby bump in front of the glass. Rubina cleverly tried to hide her baby bump first with a jacket and also with a bag, but still, people noticed her baby bump. Not only this, but Rubina Dilaik’s baby bump was also visible on the flight. The baby bump of the actress was spotted when she was keeping her luggage on the flight. After watching Rubina’s vlog, the suckers are induced that the actress is pregnant. still, the sanctioned evidence of Rubina and Abhinav Shukla is eagerly awaited.

When will Rubina Dilaik’s delivery?

Prints of Rubina Dilaik had surfaced many days ago. The actress might be spotted wearing a pink outfit. From these prints, enterprises were being made that she was going to be a mama. After this, in the report of the Hindustan Times, it was said that a person related to Rubina Dilaik has verified her gestation.

According to reports, the news of gestation is true. Rubina and Abhinav will soon drink their first child. At present Rubina is four months pregnant. It’s being said that Rubina is a little upset about her health, so she isn’t revealing this news.

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