Riverdale Season 5: Release Date, Plot And All Latest Update

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

It was on May 7 that Netflix put online the improvised finale of season 4 of Riverdale. Filming had to be interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic and several episodes were deleted. Unlike Grey’s Anatomy or Good Doctor who have already made their return to US television, it is not until 2021 that the series will return with a season 5 which already promises to be very eventful.

Riverdale Season 5 Release Date

What is the release date of Season 5 of Riverdale? Good news, we already have the answer to this question! It is on January 20 that the CW will broadcast in the US episode 1 of season 5 which will therefore be available in France in the US + 24 from January 21 at 9:01 am (if all goes well). Filming resumed in mid-September and had to be interrupted for a week because of a delay in receiving Covid-19 screening results.

The Deleted Episodes Of Season 4 Rescheduled

The end of Season 4 of Riverdale was to mark the end of the studies of Archie ( KJ Apa ), Jughead ( Cole Sprouse ), Betty ( Lili Reinhart ), Veronica ( Camila Mendes ) and others in high school and then conclude with a jump. in time. Since the episodes could not be shot because of the confinement, it is the three deleted episodes that will open season 5 with in particular a complicated prom for couples and the graduation ceremony. Some scenes were shot in March while others were canned in September.

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Two Starts And A Jump In Time

The start of season 5 will also see two departures already announced, those of Skeet Ulrich (FP Jones) and Marisol Nichols (Hermione Lodge). The interpreter of Jug’s father had explained on Instagram that he was bored in his role, hence his decision to leave the series. As for Marisol Nichols? She revealed that she didn’t choose to say goodbye to the show but promised a strong plot for Hermione before she left. These departures will be followed by a big jump in time which should be 7 years as Lili Reinhart confided. We will therefore not see the characters in college (except if flashbacks are included in the sequel).

A New Character Announced, More Arrivals To Come

Who says new season says new characters. We already know that an actress will join the cast: Erinn Westbrook will play Tabitha Tate, the granddaughter of Pop, the boss of the city diner. She will land in Riverdale to make dinner a new franchise. For now, she is the only one to have been announced to the cast but announcements have been published to find several new characters including a new sweetheart for Jughead. Some believe that Nina Dobrev could play this role. The actress recently posted pictures of herself with the Riverdale actresses. These are just rumors.

What The Posters Tease About The Plot

As of yet, no Riverdale season 5 trailer has been released, but creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has posted two posters on Instagram that may give clues to what lies ahead. At the end of August, he posted the image of a truck and a woman running in front of the vehicle. For Halloween, he also showed a detail of the truck, a skeleton which is attached to it and wrote in the caption of the image: ” Watch out for the Lonely Highway and the trucks that drive there at night “. What if the new villain is a bloodthirsty driver?

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