Rishika Verma, the sensational debut as an you-tuber and a promising entrepreneur in the field of Information Technology

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Rishika Verma

Rishika born in a small town in Uttar Pradesh is a competitive and passionate girl right from her child-hood. Amidst several challenges of being a girl, she obtained the Degree in Computer Applications from Bhopal. She is an excellent extempore speaker with very good English Communication Skill. While pursuing her studies, she came across Multilevel Marketing Companies and observed their way of working. At the time of her final semester in BCA when the country was fighting against the challenges due to spread of pandemic Covid-19, one IT firm contacted her for Marketing job. At that time entire country was under lock-down and movements were restricted. Number of people were losing jobs every day. Rishika understood that way of working should be changed to evade the upcoming financial crisis that was not very far. She acknowledged the fact that in this pandemic it is better to create jobs for livelihood of the people instead of working under some organization. In such a scenario, she decided to showcase women empowerment and learnt the basics of IT industry by self-study of number of case studies in related field. Simultaneously she also watched videos of successful you-tubers. Being an excellent communicator, she passionately undertook the challenge and entered into the world of you-tube and commenced enlightenment of the youths who solicited the technical knowledge regarding electronic gadgets and associated domain. Remarkably in a very short span of time her followers and sharing increased manifold times and she became an esteemed celebrity. To take her achievements to the next strata, she launched an IT organization by the name ‘Xomach InfoTech’. The launched company soon became a leading brand by its world class services in Public Relation (PR), Web Development, Software Development and Digital Marketing etc. People flock to get their services accomplished by ‘Xomach InfoTech’ because of the trust that the company developed during this challenging period of Covid-19. At present Rishika Verma and her newly launched organization ‘Xomach InfoTech’ have become an esteemed brand that caters to the need of people as per the requirement in the IT field.

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