Ria Sarkar – Founder at Xperteez Technologies changing the landscape of the start-up world

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Indian, startup ecosystem is rapidly evolving with the increased involvement of women in various business domains and the Indian startup ecosystem has also shown massive growth fuelled by evolving technology. The women entrepreneurs in India are thriving like never before and their successes isn’t limited to the business world. Ria Sarkar is one such live example backed by her talent, sheer hard work, and creativity is driving the change in the current scenario by changing the landscape of the startup world not just as an entrepreneur but as a business but also start-up coach and consultant.

As a founder of Xperteez Technology, Ria Sarkar by pursuing new revenue streams strategically, has found and established company prospects. In charge of organizing and negotiating new business partnership agreements and contracts for the benefit of all parties, Sarkar achieved business unit goals and objectives by developing a realistic quarterly and annual business plan. In order to guarantee employee engagement and dedication to the objectives, she ensured that solid objectives were established and communicated throughout the area of responsibility.

As a matter of fact, building a business is not easy. However, every entrepreneur must start somewhere. There is no magic shortcut to building a good business and there is no bias in business either. It doesn’t matter when you start or where you start your journey, Ria Sarkar proved that if you are skillful you will succeed. Though at times it can take some time before you reach somewhere you are proud, today Ria is looked upon as an inspiration and guidance. Her role in the world of business is pivotal and has led to enhancing the economic growth of India, employment generation, and Industrialisation.

For a start-up that is expanding quickly, Ria has managed the organization, network, software, and cloud infrastructure successfully. She has managed a group of more than 25 front-end, back-end, testers, and IT support personnel. She managed IT projects and technical development in a way that was consistent with the long-term aims and objectives of the business. By guaranteeing the efficiency, efficacy, and viability of all IT systems and tech processes, she also implemented new technologies and provided recommendations to enhance IT operations. She oversaw the development, management, and direction of projects by ensuring that firm SOPs, privacy laws, regulations, and high standards were followed. She had been actively involved in strategic planning tasks, translating strategy into operational strategies, and overseeing a team of over 29 professionals.

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Claim to Fame – Ria Sarkar

  • Honored as the World Women Icon 2022 Female Entrepreneur of the Year by the Global Triumph Foundation
  • Business Leadership Summit 2022, counted amongst the top 10 Inspiring Business Women IGA 2022 Conference
  • Best Women Entrepreneur of the Year at Women’s Conclave & Awards 2021
  • Best Emerging Female Entrepreneur – Technical
  • At UPWR 2020, felicitated with the Women Pride Award – Information Technology
  • 50 Emerging Entrepreneurs 2022
  • Had won INDIA STAR INDEPENDENT AWARD 2022 for appreciable Work in The Field Of ITES

Outstanding Performance in Inspiration Awards 2022 with HER story TIMES

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