Reports Shilpa Shetty Had To Cancel All The Projects Due To The Case On Her Husband Raj Kundra

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Shilpa Shetty And Raj Kundra

Businessman Raj Kundra and 11 others, was arrested by Mumbai Police in a Pornography case and has been in police custody since then. He is accused of filming porn secretly and publishing it on OTT platforms through different apps. Several actresses came forward with different accusations on Raj Kundra and his team and PA Kamath. Poonam Pandey accused him and his team of disclosing her number and private photos publicly on apps even after her contract with them was terminated.

Poonam Pandey used to work in the film Raj. Sagarika Suman too accused them of asking her to go nude while auditioning her for the film, she also said that even Raj Kundra was there although his face was not so clear. Mumbai police have booked Raj under different sections of IPC, Section 34 for common Intention, Section 292 and 293 for obscene and indecent advertisements and displays, and Section 420 for cheating.

Mumbai Police reported that they did not find any involvement of Actress Shilpa Shetty in the case yet. Shilpa Shetty’s house was raided recently to find any connection with the case. She has been called for questioning twice but due to the lack of evidence, no connection was seen. According to the reports, she talked about financial losses and that “family’s reputation was ruined, their endorsements in the industry were being canceled and that she had to give up many projects.” Reports also say that Shilpa although denied having any information regarding the Hotshots app and the content in it, also defended her husband days after the arrest was made and said that what her husband was making was erotica, not porn and that several OTT platforms contain such content which is way more obscene than what Raj makes.

According to the report, Shilpa was agitated and shouted on husband, “We have everything, what was the need to do all this?” after she saw him at home and broke down. One of the sources said, “Shilpa was very upset after the interrogation. She and Kundra had a huge argument where she shouted and asked him what was the need of doing such a thing and why he did everything. The crime branch team had to intervene between the couple to pacify the actress,”. Shilpa was questioned during the raid at home.

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Shilpa posted a quote on her Instagram story which read, “Do not look back in anger; or forward in fear but around in awareness.”Quote, she shared on her Insta story also read, “I take a deep breath, knowing that I’m lucky to be alive. I have survived challenges in the past and will survive challenges in the future. Nothing need distract me from living my life today”

Anti-Corruption Bureau found four emails, where they found, Raj Kundra tried to bribe the officers with 25 lakhs to avoid police arrest. They allegethatRajKundraisnotatallcooperatingwiththeinvestigationofthecase.

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