Remarkable achievements of AGW Bharat: Naveen Prasad & Neeteesh Gaharwar

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
AGW Bharat: Naveen Prasad & Neeteesh Gaharwar

Indian media has lost its credibility among the masses. There is a gap in the market where the news is far from the truth. The journalists have picked up sides of ruling and opposition parties. The news channels and media houses exhibit the topics which provide them more TRP. Journalism and news should put forward the needs of the masses, their problems and the voices unheard. The gap between what should be and what is presented is far too much in today’s scenario.

A brilliant startup AGW Bharat founded by Neeteesh Gaharwar and Naveen Prasad is paving its way to become an exceptional news channel of the country. AGW Bharat is India’s first youth driven news channel which aspires to enlighten the people of India and re-establish their faith in media and press. Today where every media house has become a PR agent of one or the other political party, AGW Bharat aims to be the light of truth and raise the voice of the oppressed.
Naveen and Neeteesh met in Noida in 2019 and they decided to introduce the news agency where the aim is to present the truth and no stone is left unturned. They are determined to deliver unbiased news and raise the day to day issues of the masses. Along with the news channel, the duo has started an app called AGW universe which is a short video app. The thought behind this app is that since most of the households have smartphones and mobile phones they can reach people more easily and record their opinion on various issues like elections, their day to day problems and much more.

Agw bharat is all set to break the records and achieve their goals. They travelled across India to find out the problems faced by people and how they can amplify their voice. Starting from Delhi in 2019 to January 2021 they traveled across India covering many states like Delhi, Half of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal & Maharastra. The situation and needs of the common man was surveyed across the country and they formulated a plan to help the masses.

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