Record vacancy in Canada, know who can apply

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Job Vacancies in Canada 2022: Very good news has come out for the candidates who are looking for jobs abroad. More than one million vacant positions will be recruited in Canada soon. According to a report, the number of vacancies in Canada reached a record high of 10,12,900 in March. Which is many more than the earlier record of 988,300 in September 2021.

Vacancies have reached record highs in the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Most of the vacancies have been seen in the field of hospitality, retail, health care and social assistance. Candidates who were looking for this opportunity, read the information given here thoroughly.

express entry

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    • Federal Skilled Worker Program: For any applicant who meets specific language, education and work experience. Work experience is classified using the National Occupational Classification System.


    • Federal Skilled Trades Program: Applicants must have the required language skills in English or French, along with at least two years’ experience in the skilled trade in the five years prior to applying.


    • Canadian Experience Class: Those who have already worked in Canada for at least one year. Also meet the language skill criteria.


Provincial Enrollment Program
Each province and territory of Canada, except Quebec and Nunavut, operates its own PNP program with multiple streams. Altogether there are over 80 different provincial nominated programs. There are two types of PNP programs. One that is connected to the Express Entry system and one that is not connected to this system.


    • The province of Quebec has a special agreement with the federal government that allows it to elect immigrants.


    • Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).


    • Quebec Experience Program (PEQ).


    • Quebec Permanent Immigration Pilot Program.


    • Quebec Business Immigration Program.



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