Ramicos Cosmetics Reaching The Heights – Dr Nalli Ramya

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Ramicos Cosmetics

Ramicos is no doubt one of the leading cosmetic companies in the beauty market of India. In sense of providing authentic and extremely good products to the customers, it also increases the market by increasing the number of products and launching it in different places all over India. The ambassadorship program was also initiated and selected by the team Ramicos.

In a series of the ambassador program, Ramicos is announcing Global Good Will ambassadors, and celebrity brand ambassadors in an extremely admiring way. So many renounced faces are also on the list of ambassadorship. Recently Ramicos launched its products in the capital city of India, Delhi, in one of the high beauty-conscious states like Maharashtra, Punjab too. In addition to launching the products in different states, Ramicos is also contributing to the economy by employing women and sale persons in different cities. Soon Ramicos is going to launch in some more major states of India. Ramicos products are leading or ruling the heart of customers these days, be it Ramicos shades of liquid and bullet lipsticks, which is a creamy matte texture that’s comfortable to wear, finish and delivery of matte lipsticks but the comfort of creme lipsticks. No drag-on lips and intense color payoff. There’s no denying that lipstick is a woman’s best friend. And of late, the Ramicos lipstick is what everyone is talking about due to its creamy, long-lasting formula and vibrant and trendy shades. And if we move on to serums, so be it underarm and facial both serums are highly in need of the market and also very much into the demand of the customers.

It’s not about appreciation for Ramicos Cosmetics only but also a cheer for their zeal of employing so many citizens of India like they are also hiring so many talented individuals at different positions in their company. In a row of increasing the market and products, they are also about to launch their own Toll-free number of easy B to B contact and contact with customers and to answer their queries in a detailed manner through calls and messages. In the upcoming days of its ventures, Ramicos is also announcing some products oriented to men and women both, what all we can do is stay tuned to get the super good products of Ramicos soon at year-end or the start of the new year. We should always choose the thing which directly smoothens our skin and soul, it’s not about wearing makeup it’s always wearing confidence with good skin health. Choose wisely, choose Ramicos. www.ramicos.com

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