Rakhi Sawant claims that “Sajid Khan ji se special sawal karungi” in Bigg Boss 16.


Rakhi Sawant announced her wish to participate in Bigg Boss and ask questions of director Sajid Khan. Who previously accused of sexual harassment. A paparazzo account released a video on Instagram of a chat she had with journalists about Sajid Khan and Bigg Boss. When questioned by media if she will enter the Bigg Boss house as a “wildcard candidate,” Rakhi reacted in a paparazzo video.

There would be a lot of amusement if you go, the reporters added. “Aap jaayenge toh dhamaal hoga” Rakhi stated, “Ask Bigg Boss to accept me. I will amuse and bring out real facts and truths.” “Toh bolo Bigg Boss waalo ko ki mereko lele mai dhamaal karungi, mai doodh ka doodh paani ka paani karungi.” Sajid, a participant on this season’s Bigg Boss, is mentioned in relation to what she stated.

“Sajid Khan ji special sawal karungi mai “said by Rakhi

Jo bhi janta ke saamne hai pochungi (whatever questions the people in general, want to ask). jo sach hai Sajid Khan ji bata denge (Whatever the truth is, Sajid Khan will tell).  She said, “I know I don’t have the right to ask questions, but desh ki jaanta janna chahti hai toh mai pochungi. If Bigg Boss welcomes me, I’ll amuse; if Bigg Boss invites me, I’ll entertain inside the house without a doubt.

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Reacting to the video, one of Rakhi’s fans wrote, “Rakhi Sawant is the heart of Bigg Boss.” Another fan commented, “We want Rakhi in @biggboss 16.” Other fan wrote, “Rakhi ajaao yaar maza ajaayega (Rakhi please come, it will be fun).” Sajid’s name came up in the Me Too movement after women from the entertainment industry. Accused him of sexually harassing them. All of the women met the filmmaker on several projects. Later, Sajid had decided to take a ‘moral responsibility of stepping down’ as director of Housefull 4.

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