Rajinikanth hints at health issues and quitting politics

Meera Iyer
Meera Iyer

Superstar Rajinikanth announced his political entry in 2017. Three years since then, Rajinikanth is still yet to take the plunge. For the past couple of days, rumours were doing the rounds saying that Rajinikanth might quit politics even before he could make a move. On October 29, Rajinikanth shared an announcement on his health and much-expected political entry.


Recently, a letter which was claimed to be written by Rajinikanth went viral on social media. He said that he might not enter politics based on the advice of his family members and doctors. Today, Rajinikanth took to Twitter and revealed that the letter is fake, but the contents in it are true.

He said that the news about doctor’s advice and his health are true. Rajinikanth added that he will conduct a meeting with members of Rajini Makkal Mandram  (RMM) and will decide on his political entry.

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Here’s his post in Tamil:


Even before he could make his political entry, a lot of criticisms have been levelled against him. Many pointed out that he is late and is inclined towards BJP and right wing. Though Rajinikanth cleared the air several times, the criticisms never stopped.

Now, It looks like Rajinikanth’s political journey could come to an end even before it actually began.

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