Rahul Gupta is a true role model for young people who want to have their startup journey mentored

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Rahul Gupta

Rahul, a serial entrepreneur with Sales & Marketing as both a vocation and a passion, is one such young entrepreneur. Rahul is NISM Certified Research Analyst and he has been interested in financial markets since he was 15 years old. Now he is considered one of the young Angel Investors in India.

Rahul is a Google Certified Digital marketer specializing in Digital Marketing i.e. Analytics, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and advertising.

He is the creator of Monetize, IndiFuture, Mythyam, and StockRise, as well as a co-founder of Pixel and ALZebra. ALZebra even helps start-ups in mentoring and guiding them from the initial phase to becoming a Unicorn.

He even has a keen interest in Blockchain, NFT’s, and Metaverse and believes that it can be a game-changer to the future backed by technology. He has launched NFT in Indore which is the State’s first in itself.

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Rahul had made up his mind when he was a child to escape the standard career attitude that confines itself to accepting employment just for the sake of earning bread and butter. He wanted to establish something of his own that would not only bring him success, money, and renown but would also inspire young brains like Rahul to do or even take the initiative to start something fresh and unique that could be considered an empire of their own.

Do you enjoy 9-to-5 jobs? In India, the majority of us abandon our dreams of becoming someone and take up a job out of fear of failure, struggle, or aversion to taking risks. Rahul Gupta, like many others, aspired to be the Serial Entrepreneur that he is today. When it comes to his success, it was undoubtedly the result of years of hard work and faith in himself.

When questioned about his achievements and what motivates him, he frequently cites the goal and vision of bringing about change among the youth as the most motivating factor. Entrepreneurs like the creative flexibility that comes with being the captain of their ship, according to him. This liberty involves the potential to create something unique, to open doors for others, and to behave in line with your own set of values.

Rahul holds an Engineering in Computer Science from MIT, a PGPM in Finance from IBS, Bangalore, and an MBA in Marketing from ICFAI University, Dehradun. Rahul was selected as the Vice President (Finance) of the IBS Entrepreneurship Club in Bangalore, and since then he has been actively involved in the startup community.

Rahul spends his leisure time in front of screens on his console or trying out the latest gadgets. Rahul has gotten various awards for his outstanding efforts with NEEV (IBS Entrepreneurship Cell) and has volunteered with a few local non-profit organizations. It is his genuine entrepreneurial behaviour that comes through, providing a kaleidoscope of colours to a young mind that is laser-focused and committed to his goal.

Rahul has made several early investments in India’s fintech, e-commerce, and ed-tech industries, as well as served as an adviser to several multi-million-dollar enterprises.

Rahul’s thirst for information and enthusiasm to apply has assisted his professional success, as he greatly increased the productivity of his 100-person team by implementing smart project management practices and establishing a work-life balance for his colleagues. Rahul, an ardent gamer and developer, feels that workplace mindfulness is critical for success, as seen by his interests in yoga, meditation, gardening, and meeting new people.

Rahul is committed to producing something for India and teaching the mindset of “I alone can do it” to young people by coaching them in Indore regularly. He wishes for every young person to have trust and believe in himself and his abilities, which will, if not now, undoubtedly bring him success in the future in their respective startups.

Recently, Rahul Gupta has been awarded Nation’s Icon Award 2022 for exemplary work and outstanding achievement presented by Indian Startup Magazine & Registered under MSME.

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