Rahul Barod and Shweta Parmar: The journey of Engineering Professionals whose start-ups made them iconic personalities across the Globe

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Rahul Barod and Shweta Parmar who hail from Ujjain, a picturesque city, situated on the Malwa Plateau in Madhya Pradesh were very innovative right from their childhood. They both used to apply their creative thinking in solving real time problems. During their school days also, they were appraised and awarded for their intellectual skills These skills motivated them to enter into the world of Engineering and they pursued the Engineering degree course and passed the same with flying colours.
After being the Engineering graduates, Rahul Barod and Shweta Parmar were faced with the delicate issue of seeking the right career for themselves. Being the youths of twenty-first century, they were very energetic and ready to take risks. They decided to commence their career as an entrepreneur and moved ahead with their planning. After thorough Market Research and Brain Storming, it was evident to them that the availability of heavy traffic on the Digital platform was certain in the world of Globalization and Advancement of Information Technology. Hence, they decided to open a Digital Agency by the name of SR Globes. The said Digital Agency- SR Globes became an out and out success. The Digital Agency- SR Globes facilitated the growth of many businesses that solicited the requisite services as per the requirement.
With the passage of time, The Digital Agency- SR Globes, became a brand across the Globe and people commenced acknowledging the brand. Appreciable testimonials pertaining to this much acclaimed Digital Agency brim the official website of the company.
Motivated by the outstanding success of the first start-up i.e. The Digital Agency- SR Globes, the duo Rahul Barod and Shweta Parmar planned to launch an alternative to the Chinese UC Browser. At the same time our Hon’ble Prime Minister launched the much-awaited flagship program Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan (Self Reliant India Campaign) and announced the Economic and Comprehensive Package. Inspired by the Self-Reliant India Campaign of Hon’ble Prime Minister, Rahul Barod and Shweta Parmar executed the plan and launched a much secure and an alternative to the Chinese UC Browser for the Indian Online users and named it ‘Vande Bharat Browser’ (VB Browser) on 15th August 2020.This venture again became an outstanding success and was much acclaimed by the users. The popularity of the said browser is increasing day by day besides ever-increasing downloading.
Inspired by the second successive success, Rahul Barod and Shweta Parmar launched a News Media Agency popularly known as SR News that focusses on current news encompassing the entire world with focus on local and regional news besides current news of international importance.
The momentum of success of Rahul Barod and Shweta Parmar was in its optimum state, when they decided to write their success story along with Ratnesh Parmar and launched a website reallifejokes.com which functioned amazingly and started getting 3000 users on daily basis within six months.
The success of their first website motivated Rahul Barod and Shweta Parmar to launch their second website (Apk Niche). This website again proved to be a mega success and aided in showcasing the fact that passion and dedication works.
At present Rahul Barod and Shweta Parmar have more than thirty blogs to their credit and are managed by the professional team members.
The journey of Rahul Barod and Shweta Parmar from scratch to the top-notch strata of success showcases their unflinching conviction towards work. Their passion to contribute their skills in the development of the nation motivated the youths and made them the iconic personality across the globe.

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