Ragnarok Season 3 Release Date, Cast And Recap Here !!!

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Ragnarok has grown into one of the favourite series of fans, although it remains to be seen if it will have a third season. In principle, the second season of “Ragnarok” Unleashes mythological chaos as Magne seeks help from another realm to continue his struggle against colossal foes while dealing with an unmanageable brother with divine powers.

Meanwhile, Vidar redirects his forces. Even if Netflix has not yet made any statements about the future of the Norwegian series, appearing at the previous episode of the latest installment, it is likely the Magne’s fight against Jutul Industries and the evil giants that operate the company will continue soon.

Release Date

Ragnarok Season 3 may get a confirmed Release Date very soon, Although we can presume that Part 3 will be released in 2022. There aren’t any official information about the Release Date of Season 3 of the series by the productions or Netflix.


 Ragnarok Season 3

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Season two’s cast included: David Stakston, Danu Sunth, Jonas Strand Gravli, Theresa Frostad Eggesbø, Herman Tømmeraas, Emma Bones, Henriette Steenstrup, Odd-Magnus Williamson, Synnøve Macody Lund, Bjørn Sundquist, Gísli Örnjðrson, Vegerbðrson Benjamin Helstad, Billie Barker, Jesper Malm and Espen Sigurdsen who will definitely return in Ragnarok Season 3.


In the previous chapter of this second season of” Ragnarok”, Wotan / Odin, Magne, and the rest of the heroes plan to enter the Jutul Industries to locate the Eternal Flame and invent a hammer. Under the pretext of hanging a protest sign, they get Laurits to deliver the key. Although in the procedure Harry is hospitalized, Wotan includes a tracking device, Iman and Halvor face being fired, he gets hammered. On the other hand, the weapon doesn’t work as Magne expected, he can’t cast it very far.

When her mother asks her to eliminate her brother’s clothing, Magne finds the pet which Laurits was concealing was a giant ‘tapeworm’. Meanwhile, Fjor admits that Jutul Industries could move to Asia, forcing the Norwegian government to waive certain limitations and allow them to continue their job.

This, of course, provokes the wrath of Magne, who eventually awakens the power of the hammer. Magne goes to the Jutul home to face Fjor, but all he finds is Saxa defeated and bloody as punishment for her betrayal of the household.

What Will Happen In Ragnarok Season 3?

After this ending, Magne’s fight against Jutul Industries and the evil giants that run the corporation will most likely continue into Ragnarok Season 3. However, Netflix has not confirmed anything up to now. Also, in the last scene of the next episode, Laurits is shown freeing his furry friend at the Norwegian fjords while Ran and Fjor watch from afar. The Creature will finally become Jörmungandr.

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