Queen Sugar Season 6 Release Date, Plot And All Update

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Interviewer PR

As is characteristic of the spotlight household play, Queen Sugar does not shy away from depicting and talking about complicated subjects affecting American life, largely for Black people learning and studying from Southern communities. Season 5 of the series was no exception, depicting the results of the coronavirus disease outbreak on St. Josephine, Louisiana, as well as the continuing social outcry against police violence against Black Americans.

Before the season 5 premiere, the series was revived for a sixth season. Though a formal synopsis for Queen Sugar season 6 has yet to be declared, the season 5 finale unlocked the way to controversies which will undoubtedly test the Bordelon’s.

This implies Charley and Davis’s possible reconciliation, as well as Blue leaving Louisiana to get a DC school where his grandmother lives. And of course, Calvin turning himself in for his role in the attack on a young man 20 years ago that resulted in his paralysis.

Release Date

The superb thing is that Queen Sugar fans will not have to wait until next season to see season 6. In the autumn of 2021, the series will return to OWN. While no official release date has been established, the first season of the series began airing in September of 2016.

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Queen Sugar Season 6

When we had to guess if the show would return, we would say September or October. Season 6 of Queen Sugar is currently in processing. Fans should anticipate new cast members such as Tammy Townsend, who has joined as a series regular.

Townsend will play with Billie, Prosper Denton’s daughter, who is made to return to St. Josephine because of illness. It’ll be the first time fans see the personality, which has previously been reduced to passing conversation and the occasional telephone call.


From the end of Season 5, the Bordelon family has reached a crucial juncture. Ralph Angel and Darla decide that Blue should attend the school in Washington DC when he’s to get a fair chance at his fantasies. Davis and Charley seem to be reconnecting and in a happy position, but Charley wonders if her ex-husband has genuinely changed.

Nova is disappointed to hear Calvin’s participation in Andre Nixon’s situation, as he was the person who delivered the knockout blow which resulted in Nixon’s life-altering injury. Season 6 will reveal more about where Davis and Charley stand within their connection. Calvin and Nova’s connection appears to have struck a snag, and it looks they will never regain it.

We know that Darla and Ralph Angel’s decision to send Blue to college in DC was not simple; therefore, the forthcoming season will shed light on the impact of sending Blue to college in DC. With the addition of Billie, Celine, Isaiah, and Dominic into the mix, the dynamics are bound to change.

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