Qatar World Cup Reforms: Reality Check

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

FIFA World Cup 2022 is around the corner, and Qatar is getting ready to host the championship. Labor rights reforms have been made to improve the living conditions of migrant workers. The workers hailed from the ILO, UN, FIFA, and several other key organizations in Qatar. The city has been promoting a workers-friendly environment in the Middle East.

How Qatar Reformed Migrant Workers? 

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has ensured that the labor reforms will be implanted as promised by the government of Qatar. 

“I am pleased to see the strong commitment from the Qatari authorities to ensure the reforms are fully implemented across the labor market, leaving a lasting legacy of the FIFA World Cup long after the event, and benefiting migrant workers in the host country in the long term,” Infantino said.

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Qatar To Open Doors To The World 

Dr. Ali bin Samikh Al-Marri, the Qatari Minister of Labour, said that Qatar would welcome the laborers with open arms. They have taken constructive criticism positively and will be improving the migrant worker’s condition. They have set the record straight and have added the data that has been missing.

He shared with the media, “We are the first country in the region with an International Labour Organization oce, whose mandate will continue beyond 2022.”

Qatar has been working with ILO and will introduce laws in line with the international best practice. It will now be ensured that changes will be implemented, and the cultural attitudes of the employers will be improved. Most people believe that it might not be possible to abolish ‘kafala’ but the system where the employers were the ‘sponsor’ and has all the power to deport workers has been demolished. 

The Qatar Minister of Labor said, “The concept of a minimum wage was well received, and now it is monitored through electronic payments, and we plan to increase it. A total of 338 businesses were suspended for not respecting working hours this summer during the hottest months.”

Workers Don’t Need Exit Permits Anymore 

The Qatar government has also removed the requirement for most workers to obtain exit permits. They will be reducing the working hours so that it can help to reduce the risk of heat stress. There has been a significant decrease in work-related accidents in Qatar after Qatar migrant workers’ reforms. 

ITUC-Asia Pacific Mission to Qatar has welcomed the express commitment from the government and has given suggestions to further improve the labor reforms. All the reforms will be carried out before the Qatar World Cup 2022. 

Visitors Can Enjoy Their Stay At Fan Villages 

Visitors will now be able to stay in a variety of fan villages. The villages will offer a variety of amenities that will include cabin-style lodging. Renting a private holiday property is also allowed in various locations in Qatar. The country has promised the world to make the World Cup accessible for a different range of budgets.

In Doha, three sites will be available. The sites include Zafaran, Ras Bu Fontas, and Rawdat Al Jahhaniya. In these areas, public transportation will be easily accessible. The transportation will also be near all cultural attractions and other FIFA World Cup activities.

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