Punjab Government Has Allowed To Open School Despite Rising COVID Cases

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Delhi School

Covid cases have come down drastically in Punjab and this has resulted in relaxing Covid curbs. Schools have been asked to reopen the classes from 10th to 12th. Already a lot of ground has been lost in terms of education is what the thought went behind reopening the school. Punjab’s CM Captain Amrinder Singh was quoted saying that. In addition to that, the government has also given relaxation in the number of people allowed for events.

Earlier there was a cap of 100 people but now it has been increased to 300. However, for schools, CM has made it clear that teachers and staff who are fully vaccinated will only be allowed to come to school. Those who haven’t been vaccinated yet will have to get vaccinated first. This was a bold move as no other state has given such relaxations. There are some states whose vaccination ratio is much more than Punjab but are still assessing the situation. Captain Amarinder Singh is last seen as CM and has already commented that he won’t be contesting for the 2022 State elections. Navjot Singh Sidhu has been made the head of the state and Congress may project him as the next Chief Minister.

Talking about the school, the government has also cleared that those parents who are not comfortable in sending their children to the school will not have to face any consequences. They can continue with online classes as virtual classes shouldn’t be stopped has also been directed by the CM. Schools will be opened only after consent from parents and teachers. If the school feels, they need more time, then they are allowed to figure it out.

CM also said that Cambridge University of UK has predicted that the numbers will go down even further and if the cases keep coming down by the end of the month, the government will also allow the other classes to be opened. Relaxations were made to an extent that the government has ordered to open the restaurants, malls, cinemas, zoos, sports complexes, and zoos with immediate effect. Some Covid protocols have been placed in line and even colleges and higher studies institutes have been asked to open with immediate effect.

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All this was announced by CM through video conferencing and has said that his team has been working hard on the ground to bring all this data to the CM. CM said that Virus is more or less over in Punjab and the variants are yet to enter Punjab shores but if it does enter, the state is well prepared for that. The move was hailed by many as they feel the states should start relaxing to bring life back to normalcy. Some have even criticized it because Punjab was badly affected during the 2nd phase and it still has quite a few active cases. Captain was in no mood to tighten the screws as his move was hailed by common people of the state.

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