Punarnavi engagement to Udbhav Raghunandan: Who is Punarnavi Bhupalam fiancee Udbhav Raghunandan?

Punarnavi Ubdhav Rahhunadan engagement

Bigg Boss Fame, Tollywood actress Punarnavi Bhupalam first surprised her fans and netizens by showing her engagement ring on Instagram yesterday. And then a friend asked Punarnavi whether it’s real and she replied “Wait until October 30”. But the re-enactment does not seem to stop Bigg Boss Beauty until then considering the joy it currently has.

Punarnavi blurred a photo of her fiancée and shared it again. But Punarnavi accidentall tagged his Instagram account ID to let everyone know who he was. With this, netizens could figure it out who is engaged to and started posting wishes on her Instagram post.

Netizens now believe that the reunion is an engagement ring on hand. It seems that Punnarnavi has fallen in love with an actor named Udbhav Raghunandan.
Punarnavi Ubdhav engagement
Who is Ubdhav Raghunandan?
If you look at the profile, it makes sense that Udbhav is also a writer and a filmmaker. Udbhav Raghunandan proposed and it seems that the actress has said OK again. However another post said the full details will be available tomorrow. We at Interview PR wishes Punarnavi and Ubdhav a happy married life.

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